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Zimbra Enterprise Collaboration upgrade

by lmarzke last modified Sep 27, 2014 12:43 PM
4aero is upgrading to Zimbra !
Imagine having your address book available on every mobile device and your PC,  where updates to any device are seen on all your other devices.   Imagine sharing your email INBOX with your executive assistant, so that important emails can delegated.  All this works across Windows,  Mac, Linux, iPhone, or Android from a single secure platform.

News - Zimbra Collaboration Suite is coming !

Our clients have been asking for better integration and collaboration solutions that work with their smartphone. We are pleased to announce that our present email system will be upgraded to Zimbra Enterprise Collaboration suite in the Summer of 2011 ( Through Aug 2011 )

Why are we switching to Zimbra ?

  1. Excellent mobile device support.
  2. Shared Group Calendars
  3. Shared Address Books and Email folders .
  4. Online File library !
  5. All-in-one solution for the above.

Take the tour


  1. Watch the online demo.
  2. View the Spec Sheet

What are the new features ?

Many organizations using the new Zimbra collaboration suite may want to:

  1. Share some of their email folders with assistant/coworker(s).
  1. Share their calendar with coworkers.
  2. Share selected to-do entries.
  3. Schedule conference room usage or other assets, in addition to people.
  4.  Keep important documents in the Zimbra on-line "file library" to easily attach to outgoing emails.
  5. Launch Google Maps just by clicking on an address inside any email.
  6. Schedule an appointment just by clicking on date in an email.




Questions:Zimbra Overview

We are please to be able to keep the cost of the entry level 2-user 4GB Zimbra account the same price as our existing IMAP solution.

Extra users and expanded storage up to 10GB/user are available at extra cost.




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