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iPhone setup

by lmarzke last modified Aug 25, 2013 04:18 PM
Setup iPhone on Zimbra

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How do I set-up my iPhone or iPad to sync using Zimbra Mobile

This tutorial shows you how to set up Apple's iPhone or iPad to sync email, calendar and contacts with Zimbra Collaboration Server.

Before getting started

  • Make a note of your username, password and incoming server details as you will need them when following this guide.
  • Your username (your email address) and password were provided to you when you signed up for the service - please contact support if you do not have them.


To Set-up your Apple iPhone or iPad to work with Zimbra: ( at 4AERO )



Step 1

From the home screen, tap 'Settings' and then 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars






Step 2

Tap 'Microsoft Exchange






Step 3

Tap 'Add Account...






You will see the following screen





Step 5

Enter all of the information as per the following notes and when you have finished, tap the 'Next

' button:


  • Email: Enter your e-mail address
  • Domain: Leave blank
  • Username: Enter your e-mail address
  • Password: Enter the password provided when you set-up your email account or the new one if you have changed it since your email account was created.
  • Description: Enter what ever name helps you identify the account - we suggest your email address.






Step 6


Your device will try to automatically determine your Server:





The automatic verification will fail and the following additional field will become available.

 For SERVER use the same server as you use when connecting to view your email.

Enter your server address - this is also known as the Incoming Server Name. Tap 'Next






Step 7


Decide what you would like to sync. Make your selections and tap the 'Save

' button. Your device will relocate you back to the main 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' screen and will start to sync items in the background.

Important Notes


iTunes Sync

To avoid sync conflicts, you should disable synchronisation of Calendar, Contacts and Mail when you connect your device to iTunes on your PC or Mac.


Calendar and Contact Sync Your iPhone or iPad will wipe its Contacts and Calendar database and then copy the contents from the server to the device. If you have contacts and calendar items stored on your phone which are not also in your Zimbra mailbox, we recommend performing a backup prior to enabling Calendar and Contacts sync with Zimbra. You should then import the backed up items into your Zimbra mailbox. To perform a backup and import, configure iTunes to sync with Outlook (windows) or and (Mac), perform a iTunes sync with your device connected to your computer, export the contacts and calendar items and then import into Zimbra. Confirm that all items are in your Zimbra mailbox and if so, enable Contacts and Calendar sync in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen on your device.
created: 07-03-11
updated: 08-03-11

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