Moving to ESXi Introduction and Best Practices

Lee Marzke 4AERO



What is ESXi ?

ESXi architecture

I. Why move to ESXi ?

New Patching model

Hypervisor Footprints

Vmware Blog - Hypervisor Sizes

Hypervisor Footprints (cont)

II. Other ESXi changes

ESXi variants

ESXi interface changes

ESX vs ESXi services








Examples of Agents



vCLI console




Hardware Monitoring via CIM


CIM Monitoring


CIM Monitoring



View ESXi Logs via web

Logs/Config viewer

DataStore viewer

Booting ESXi

ESX boot process

ESX boot


ESX boot process

ESX boot 2


ESX boot process

ESX boot 3


ESX / ESXi Upgrades Notes

Who is using ESXi

III. VMA Vsphere Management Assistant

Vmware Management Assistant - VMA

VMA Requirements


VMA Installation / Setup

VMA - Setting up viLogger

Other vCLI commands

vCLI v4

vCLI 4.1

Other vCLI commands

Scratch Config

vifpinit servername
vicfg-advcfg -g /ScratchConfig/CurrentScratchLocation
vicfg-advcfg -g /ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation





V.  About 4AERO

VI.  Links

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