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Vsphere Pricing

by lee — last modified Aug 12, 2009 06:02 PM

Approximate Pricing

Note:  Pricing is complex due to multiple entry-level pricing discount tiers.   This is just my best understanding of the pricing as of Aug 2009,  YMMV.

Note: Discounts of 20% on top of those listed below are in effect for some products, mostly Acceleration Kits.

Pricing Tiers

  • Standalone ESXi host (FREE)
  • SMB Bundle ( 3 hosts ,  2 CPU/host  )  Includes Vsphere Management Server Foundation
    $999 ( $200/CPU )
    $3700  ($600/CPU) with HA, Consolidated Backup & Recovery
  • Advanced Acceleration Kit ( limited to 3 hosts,  2 CPU/host )   includes Vsphere Management Server Foundation
    $13,000 add Fault Tolerance + Vmotion to above
  • Enterprise Acceleration Kit ( limited to 3 hosts / 6 CPU )
    $26,000  add Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) , includes Vsphere Management Server Standard
  • EnterprisePlus Acceleration Kit ( limited to 8 CPU ), includes Vsphere Management Server Standard
    $33,000 add 2CPU and distributed network vSwitch

  • A-la-cart  ( must purchase Vcenter, or upgrade Vcenter foundation , in addtion to per socket licences )
    • Advanced - (FT, Vmotion )  $2800/CPU
    • Enterprise - (DRS, DPM, Storage Vmotion )  $3600/CPU
    • Enterprise Plus - (distributed network vSwitch) $4300/CPU
    • Vsphere Vcenter server $6000  ( $4000 upgrade from Foundation )

Note that ESXi is very picky about hardware,  especially disk controllers.   Please review the hardware compatibility list before any server purchase.  Also all servers in a cluster must use nearly identical CPU's

HW Compatibility information

FYI- I had picked up a used SuperMicro 1U server on Ebay for my own use ( I think it's an AS-1020P-T ) with H8DSP-i motherboard Dual Opteron, Dual Core ( 4X SATA disks )  2x 1GB Ethernet and it works just fine with ESX3.5 and 4.0 as long a the BIOS disk controller RAID is disabled, so you just have 4 independant disks.   - Lee

The following lists official and un-official compatibility info for ESXi

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