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Virtualization Panel - PLUG North

by lmarzke last modified Aug 13, 2009 08:29 PM
Contributors: princessleia, seancollins
Philladelpha Linux Uses Group (north) - Panel Discussion 11 August, 2009 at CoreDial.

Virtualization Panel Overview ( Elizabeth Krumbach )

  • Slides ( odp , pdf )
    Panel discussion outline

Xen ( Elizabeth Krumbach )

  1. Xen List Image
    List of Xen Images  ( from 'xm list' command )
  2. Xen-Tools Conf Image
    Sample Xen configuration file.


VMware ( Lee Marzke )

Vsphere 4.0 + ESXi 4.0  Screenshots and Pricing

  1. Vsphere  Summary View
    Summary view, status of the host selected in left panel.
  2. Vsphere  Virtual Machine View
    View of all VM's and their status,  disk usage, memory useage.
  3. Vsphere Network
    View of vSwitches on this host
  4. Vsphere Storage
    View of storage resources ( local and NFS ) available to this host
  5. Client to ESX
    View of direct connection to ESX ( this is the view you get with free ESXi product )
    No HA, Vmotion, Templates, or multiple hosts.


VMware ( Lee Marzke ) cont

Vsphere 4.0 + ESXi 4.0  Screenshots and Pricing


  1. Vsphere  resources CPU Graph 
    CPU Resource usage for this host and all VM's
  2. Vsphere  resources DiskIO Graph
    Disk IO graph for this host and all VM's
  3. Vsphere  map
    Graphical map of host, vm's disk and networks.
  4. Vsphere pricing and host hardware compatibility
    Pricing explained as of Aug 1 2009
    Links to HW compatiblity info for ESXi


Virtual Box (Chris)


  1. Virtual Box Image


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