Endian Unified Threat Management

Introduction/Demo to Endian UTM


Lee Marzke  (4AERO.com)

Infrastructure Consultant:


Endian Unified Threat Management ( UTM )

Unified Threat Management is:      (1)

Unified Threat Management is:      (2)

pfSense, IPCOP, Smoothwall  -vs-  UTM

Security  <----------->  Administration Cost

One server per job  <--->    Combined Functions

Minimal Functions  <--->   More Functions


Endian (Bolzano,  Italy)

Firewall Architecture

4 zones (Red/Orange/Green/Blue) + VPN (purple) zone

Endian Multizone Firewall


Netvista frontNetvista front

Web GUI (1)


Web GUI (1a)

Endian Dashboard


Web GUI (2)  - Status Connections

Status - Connections


Web GUI (2a)  Status HW RRD Graphs

Status HW RRD graph


Web GUI (2b)   Status Traffic RRD Graphs

Status Traffic RRD graph


Web GUI (3)  Network Hosts

Network Hosts

Web GUI 4 Services DHCP fixed leases

Network Firewall forwards

Web GUI (4a) Services IDS (Snort in-line)

Services IDS

Web GUI 5 Firewall OUT

Network Firewall OUT

Web GUI 5a Firewall port forwards

Network Firewall forwards

Web GUI 5b Firewall Interzone

Network Firewall forwards

Web GUI 6 Proxy HTTP



Web GUI 6a Proxy HTTP Content Filter

Proxy HTTP Content Filter


Web GUI 7  VPN


Demo System

Lenovo X61 Laptop

Example Use Cases (1)

Filter Web (HTTP) Traffic

Example Use Cases (2)

Email Filtering

Example Use Cases (3)

Prevent client DNS attacks

Example Use Cases (4)

Internal Hosts ( ~ split DNS )

Example Use Cases (5)

Redundant Uplinks

Example Use Cases (6)

Assign Fixed DHCP leases

Example Use Cases (7)

Intrusion Detection (Snort)

Example Use Cases (8)

Enable Quality of Service (QoS)

Example Use Cases (9)

Setup OpenVPN

Command Line

Config Files


Enterprise Features

* = Not Available in Community

Endian Network



Open Source -vs- Commercial Support

Commercial Pricing


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