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SOGo Groupware Howto

by lmarzke last modified Dec 13, 2010 11:29 PM

SOGo Homepage

SOGo Open Source Groupware:


This group-ware uses your existing IMAP, LDAP, SQL server,  SMTP and create a AJAX Web interface supporting Mail, Calendars, ToDo's, and Addressbooks.   Interfaces to Thunderbird and Mobile clients.


I had the following issues when installing SOGo Groupware


  1. VMware Appliance doesn't boot.  Kernel reports a bunch of DMA errors due to the disk setup for IDE drivers instead of SCSI.

    Workaround: Attach SOGo virtual disk (.vmdk) to Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 in VMware workstation. Create a new SCSI disk in Workstation and copy (cp -a) all root directories to the SCSI disk except for ( proc, sys, dev ).   Run update-grub.  Re-boot using the last menu option ( in my case this was /dev/hdc )

  2. Webmin SOGo module missing.
    Solution:  I booted the VMware appliance from #1 above and exported


12/13/2010 - Check back for updates.


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