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Review - VMware Datacenter Design Cookbook

by lmarzke last modified May 30, 2014 11:05 AM

I've just finished reading the new VMware Datacenter Design Cookbook released by Packt Publishing earlier this year.   This book covers the spectrum of differences between getting certified as an administrator or a designer.

As a designer your are expected to know the basics of administration , of course.  This book covers the discovery and interactions you will need to have with various stakeholders and how to document and present the design.

The majority of this book covers the management and personal interactions you will need to have with the various stakeholders, not technical subjects.  For the typical vSphere administrator this will be a large change in focus from typical administration.  Specifically the book shows how to break down and present the design in stages from conceptual through the management plane,  storage, networking,  and finally down to physical implementation.

There are many rules-of-thumb presented for making sure that the design not only meets the requirements, but has sufficient reserve capacity for current and future operations.

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