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NJ DOR project

by lmarzke last modified Feb 09, 2018 10:22 AM

NJ DOR project.   IBML scanners provided scanning both sides of any size of paper at nearly 10 sheets per second.    Note that the paper path is open to reduce jams.   The rubber treads move paper along the surface, while small vacuum holes in the treads suck and keep the paper firmly against the tread.

NJ DOR poster


Equipment provided by Prime contractor for this contract.   6 x R620 servers,  2 x Dell 8024 10G switches, Twinax SFP+ DAC cables for SAN network,  and a Powervault MD.    The servers ( ESXi hosts ) worked great, while the Twinax cables were a real pain to work with,   especially the 4 cross connects between the switches.    The Powervault was very undersized at only 6TB or so usable and soon required another enclosure and double the amount of disks.

One design rule from IBML was to keep scanned image files on discrete volumes per scanner.  ( There were 5 scanners ).  This maintains sequential write performance for the large amount of image scanned at once.  These volumes were later changed to 4 disk RAID-10 to keep up with image dumps.



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