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Perforce MergeQuest Review

by lmarzke last modified Oct 12, 2010 12:58 PM

Perforce 2010.2 MergeQuest (Beta) Introduction / Review

Recent Perforce releases

Eclipse is a multi-language Open-source Interactive Development Environment (IDE) supportting hundreds of free and Proprietary plug-ins.

Initially targeting JAVA, Eclipse now supports C, C++, Python,
Although recent Perforce SCM releases over the last 2 years have added some interesting features such as shelving, and 'p4 move' and various performance improvements, there really hasn't been anything spectacular added to the GUI until the 2010.2 beta of MergeQuest

Perforce has renamed the P4WSAD integration to P4Eclipse with this Beta release and significantly improved integration with Eclipse.  Many of the visual tools available in P4V are already available in p4Eclipse,  however MergeQuest is a new "Eclipse ONLY" tool being released in this Beta.


What is MergeQuest?

To give you a taste of this new tool,  here are samples of MergeQuest diagrams for two products in the Perforce sample repository.


Perforce MergeQuest Panel


Click for a larger view of the MergeQuest Interface with annotation is available.

The diagram easily shows the following with a glance:

  • Codelines ( Main,  Dev,  and Release )
  • BranchSpecs drawn between related codeines.
  • Number of pending integrations

This is the 1st tool from Perforce that concisely shows the graphical representation of "codelines" and related "branchspecs" in Perforce.  Not only that,  the diagram shows if integrations are to be considered 'two-way', such as between MAIN and a DEV line, or 'one-way' between MAIN and a REL line,  as well as the number of pending integrations (changes) for each direction.


Time to integrate

Right-clicking on the Branchspec line between two codelines brings up a context menu where you can schedule an integration.


 MergeQuest Menu



While this is a fantastic addition to it is still in Beta and subject to change.   At this time the interface in only available in P4Eclipse and not P4V,  however I think this tool will likely be added to P4V in the near future as well.

P4Eclipse also has improved integrations with other Eclipse tools such as MyLyn Tasks, but some SCM menu's still refer to the original  "CVS" even for Perforce operations that will cause some confusion for new users.  Also both Eclipse and Perforce have different concepts of a "workspace" and a project much keep the Eclipse and Perforce workspace in separate directories to prevent confusion.


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