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Lee's virtualization page

by lmarzke last modified Feb 10, 2018 11:09 AM
This is a collection of presentations, projects and news that I've gathered during my work in

Lee's Background

I've been working in IT and specifically virtualization for the past 10 years or so, and before that was involved in Embedded software development.   I've had my own consultancy practice for about 10 years now.

My Consultancy
My recommendations from Linked-In
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Papers and Labs

Data Center
Moving to ESXi 5 best practices ( talk at Philly VMware users group )
Installing Windows vCenter 5.0 notes
ZFS storage presentation at Philly Linux Users Group (2011)
ZFS storage project on Dell 2950 server
ZFS storage project migration to FreeNAS
Fixing OpenVPN DNS push options in Ubuntu 10.4
NSX network logical switching lab, and  disributed routing and NAT lab for VCP

Customer Projects

Some representative projects that I've worked on can be seen here.


NJ DORNJ Dept of Revenue ( NJ Treasury )  VMware, and SAN build

CLICK ON IMAGE for more details.

NJ Treasury staff had no in-house VMware experience.
This was a new cluster to support high speed OCR scanning.






CPI ClusterCrane Payments Data center expansion / upgrade ( Servers, Network,  Storage, management )

CLICK ON IMAGE for more details.

New cluster 5X larger with 3X performance.
Migrate to 10G redundant layer 3 TOR switches ( converged Storage/LAN on 2 x 10G )
Migrate to Hybrid Flash storage ( both Tier-1, and Tier-3 )
NSX guest introspection ( agent-less Anti-virus )
vSphere 6.0 with Ops Management















 4AERO Lab Environment

CLICK ON IMAGE for more details.

I maintain a physical vSphere lab environment.

The environment currently supports vSphere,  Horizon View (remote desktop), NSX
vRealize Operations, and vRealize Automation, VDP backup

Hosts: 2 x ESXi 6.5,  vCenter 6.5
Storage:  primary: FreeNAS ZFS ( SAN and NAS ),   backup: Thecus NAS
Security:  pfSense virtual Firewall,  NSX firewall

Testing loads:   FreePBX (telephone voice),  Plex video / DVR
                         Squeezebox music server, Virtual desktops, Web, DB, and Mail servers




Cloud Environment:  I maintain various VM's migrated from above environment into Amazon EC2 VPC
environments for learning EC2 and testing migration steps.
Migration testing has included a mulit-tier load-balancer web server environment,  and FreePBX.

Cloud Backup:  On-site ZFS snapshots are replicated ( with native ZFS send ) to a cloud service supporting ZFS.
Since ZFS snaphots in FreeNAS are integrated with vSphere a vmtools quiesce occurs and consistent snapshots are produced.


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