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NFS setup

by lmarzke last modified Apr 30, 2014 12:18 PM

To setup NFS shares is simple

  • Create a ZFS share as required
  • Set the 'sharenfs' property

Creating a ZFS share

To list all existing ZFS shares

  • zfs list

To create a new 1000GB share called share1 in the pool 'zones'.   Note that since this is a quota and not a physical size you can easily change it at any time.

  • zfs create zones/share1
  • zfs set quota=1000G zones/share1

To setup a NFS share for ESXi on the network for share1 use:
This allows ESXi servers on 10.25.1.x to access the share.

  • zfs set sharenfs="rw=@,root=@"  zones/share1
  • zfs get sharenfs  zones/share1  ( to verify value )

Previously we also created a 'storage0' NIC on VLAN 25,   on

Also set the following as required for each new volume

For VM's

  • zfs set primarycache=all
  • zfs set secondarycache=all
  • zfs set logbias=latency

For ISO or Templates not needing performance

(This keeps ISO's from filling up the ARC or L2ARC cache)

  • zfs set primarycache=none
  • zfs set secondarycahe=none
  • zfs set logbias=throughput


Now from ESXi must mount the NFS share from SmartOS at  zones/share1

The NFS properties are persistent across reboots and are stored in the zpool.




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