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by lmarzke last modified Jun 27, 2012 10:48 AM
How to reset the password on HP6940 and HP6988 DeskJet printer

I looked for this information for over 4 hours yesterday.  The posted reset procedure below does not work,  and everyone agrees that it does not work,  but HP has no solution posted in their forums.

  • Press Report Button
  • press "Cancel" button 3X
  • Release Report button

The procedure that did work is a ROM dump as follows:

Press and hold POWER.
Press "X" (Cancel Print) the specified number of times (1)
Press RESUME/FF the specified number of times. (2)
Release POWER
1 2 --> ROM-Dump, P/C, Alignment-dates

If you follow that and look at the rom dump address 0408 on the deskjet 
6988, or 6940 you can see the password and the user name is just above it or 
nearby.  I'm not certain if that address would be exactly the same for 
each rom dump, but the user name and password should be listed in that 
rom dump. 

Actually on the HP6940 the user is always "Admin",  and not listed, but the password did show up in the dump.


Answer found here.



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