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FreeNas ZFS NAS Server update 2017

by lmarzke last modified Jun 17, 2017 06:10 PM


I had previously built a dedicated ZFS NAS server for my VMware cluster, as described.    The requirement for this server was to boot from USB, since the physical box has only 6 3.5 inch hard disks and 2 SSD's.  This server had run various OS's such as:

This is a Solaris based hypervisor distro that has ZFS built into DOM0, and supports multiple Solaris Zones.  I never really used the Zones,  only the ZFS support.   The root filesystem is mounted read-only and a small number of config variables are overlaid on a writeable layer on top of that.  This makes upgrade simply a matter of moving the config variables to a new root image and re-booting.
When FreeNAS 9.10 was released in early 2016,  it also had VMware VAAI integration so, I gave it a try and found it to be quite stable.     Currently waiting for reports on FreeNAS 11 before upgrading.

New developments
Rsync.Net upgrades to ZFS - Now possible to send ZFS snaps to
This works perfectly from FreeNAS GUI,  which I plan to describe later.
After upgrading a failed HD from 2TB to 3TB I found that the Dell SASi disk controller in the original article did not recognize more than 2TB of space.   I replaced this with an IBM M1015 SAS card and had to reflash it to IS mode.
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Recommended SSD's
Article on recommended ZIL SSDs from Benjamin Bryan.
I'm replacing my old Intel 320 80GB ZIL with the Intel S3700 100GB ZIL.
Will do performance testing before / after.


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